Play'n GO - Super Wheel casino game review

Super Wheel game image

Casino software developer Play´n Go recently announced the release of a new table game called “Super Wheel”, a mix between land based casino game and the online casino sector. The game consists of a Super Wheel offering 5 different numbers to bet on, 1, 2, 5, 11 and 23. In addition to this the wheel also have symbols of “clover” and “horseshoe”. Each number has a pay-out matching the number; number 11 pay out 11:1 as an example. Horseshoe and Clover pay out 43:1. The game is smooth and fast and very similar to land based casino games commonly played in the US. The game is developed in HTML5 making it available in all screen sizes from desktop to mobile. The game is soon to be launched to the public and we at Maxingo believe it will be a popular one as we have tested it and we were impressed by the fun factor.